Marketing as a profit booster

The annual talks show the dilemma the food industry is currently in:

Food manufacturers are currently experiencing profit erosion in their core business. The lack of goods, materials and services leads to enormous cost pressure and considerable inflation, e.g. for raw materials, packaging material, energy, services and, in the future, also for wages and salaries.

Not to forget the cost-increasing regulations and laws of our governments for the benefit of animals and nature.

A spiral of wages and prices has been set in motion which, contrary to what our central banks say, cannot be stopped anytime soon.

Retailers are hard-hearted when it comes to passing on the costs to end-consumer prices. As if it were about protecting the consumer from further price increases. We call it the "Robin Hood Syndrome".

The truth is that retail still relies on price as the key differentiator. However, since all competitors see it that way, this instrument loses its effectiveness. As a result, an entire industry is plunged into substantial economic hardship.

Food manufacturers urgently need an alternative strategy for their range of services. If cost increases can no longer be adequately passed on to the sales prices, countermeasures must be taken with marketing methods.

This is certainly not new, but it should be brought back to the fore in the current crisis.

Bavaria Consulting recommends:

BC has developed practical and successfully tested marketing tools that serve to optimize profits in the short, medium and long term. We analyze your range of services, identify medium-term marketing solutions and develop sustainable innovations.

Together we will reorganize your range of services in increasingly volatile markets by applying best practice methods. Your benefit is obvious:

The BC Tool-Box comprises three main tasks:

Each individual tool in this tool box can be used individually or as a package. In any case, success is inevitable.

Bavaria Consulting is your experienced partner for practical and promising marketing tools. We support you in this disruptive phase with expertise, create enthusiasm for this topic in your company, develop future models and equip you for profitable growth.

We would be happy to explain details about our tool box marketing as a profit booster in a personal conversation.

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